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Official Posting Schedule for Lady Jabberwocky

This is it! The brand new, official posting schedule for the Lady Jabberwocky blog!

Frankly, I am anxiously excited to share this with you guys. It’s been a lot of planning to create a solid schedule. But fortune favors the brave, and I’m ready to take a leap with this site.

Here’s what you will find very soon, on this blog!

Prompt of the Week

First off, weekly writing prompts are coming back! Each week, there with be a writing exercise or prompt to get those creative juices flowing. Whether you’re working on your WIP novel or need to defeat pesky writer’s block, these writing prompts may give you a push in the write direction.

When: Every Monday. Start your week off with a creative thought.

Words For Writers Wednesday

We all need a bit of encouragement, right? You guys seem to really like the inspirational notes every week. Either it’s a message from me or a quote from a famous author, just some words to encourage every writer. (P.S. – Check out the new banner! I literally made it using Paint.)

When: Every Wednesday.

More Writing Advice

When I started the Lady Jabberwocky blog, one of my main goals was to talk about fiction writing in a lighthearted and approachable way. Far from a boring lecture, these posts will be helpful to any kind of writer. Want to know how to write a better love interest? Or are you having trouble describing settings? Have no fear, Lady Jabberwocky is here! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to fiction writing.

When: Twice a month, every other Friday.

Flash Fiction And Short Stories

The world needs more stories. Each month, you will find a story I’ve written. This could be anything from an old draft of mine to a snippet of a scene. Who knows? You may even find short mystery stories involving characters from my WIP novel. How cool is that?

When: Once a month. On a Friday.

About the Writer

I want to share my experience as both a freelance writer and an aspiring author. One Friday a month, I get to write what I want to talk about. Because freelancing and writing has been quite an adventure for me. Posts could be about almost anything. From the books that inspire me to what writer life is like to the nerdy things that interest me, let me take you along my journey as a writer.

When: Once a month. On a Friday.

So, a quick recap of what’s happening.

Mondays Writing PromptsWednesdaysWords for Writers

Fridays (Per Week)

  1. Writing Advice
  2. About the Writer
  3. More Writing Advice
  4. Short Stories

There you have it, the official posting schedule for the Lady Jabberwocky Blog. I feel happy-nervous about it. Let me know what you all think, I’m curious. And if you have an idea for a future post, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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Prompt of the Week: A Surprise Tattoo

Whether it be an impulsive decision or not, your character gets a tattoo that really says a lot about them. What is the tattoo of? And where on the body is it? Tell a story about getting inked.

Write your response in the comments below. Best entry gets a shout out next week!

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky

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More Stories (And Maybe Some Updates) Are Coming

Hello Writer Bugs.

I apologize for the delay with this post. Busy week. Lots of ideas. You know, my usual existential crisis.

This will just be some quick announcements.

First off, more stories are coming to this blog. Flash fiction stories, real life stories and possibly a much longer series. Originally, I wanted to hold back on posting too many stories, from fear of being like a pretentious writer or something. But my wonderful boyfriend told me that if artists share their artwork on their sites, why couldn’t I share mine?

Also, thanks to my generous support on Patreon, I have been considering upgrading this blog and actually paying for WordPress. If any of you have advice on upgrading WordPress plans, please let me know in the comments. Clearly, I need all the help I can get.

Bottom line; There may be some schedule and site changes in the future. The gears are turning over here, writer bees. It’s a goal of my to make this blog something special, for you guys.

Let me know what you want to see more of on this blog. I’d love to hear from you.

Write with Heart,

Lady Jabberwocky